Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roadkill Cafe Update, Author List and other goodies.

    I just heard from the publisher Knightwatch Press and I have been told that a price has been set for the upcoming anthology Rhonny Reaper's Roadkill Cafe which contains my story Isolated Incident. The price will be $11.99 for trade paperback and I'm not sure about digital editions just yet but I will post that when it becomes available. The release date is still not set and I will update you to that when I can.
    Anyway here is the official list of authors:

Charlie Morgan
Michael C. Dick
Shawn M. Riddle
Russ Penning
Stephen Dafoe
Stephanie Kincaid
Kenneth C. Goldman
Iain Paton
Kevin Walsh
Steve Gierman
David Naughton-Shires
Tonia Brown
Janice Gable Bashman
Remy Porter
Terry Alexander
Melissa Helwig
Rhonda E Kachur
Kevin Strange (Kevin Crotty Jr)
Rose LeMort
Sean M. Thompson
Eric S. Brown

    This book promises to be something special. Just take a look at what David Moody has to say about it:

"Revenge, betrayal, greed, ancient creatures, long-lost cults, bloodthirsty hunters, self-obsessed businessmen... 20+ stories of the bizarre, the scary and the downright gross served up with relish by a host of authors at the Roadkill Cafe."
David Moody Author of Hater, Dog Blood and the Autumn series

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

There's nothing like a good prank...

    On Facebook, there is a group called Moody's Survivors which is dedicated to the fans of UK horror author David Moody. The group is filled with a fine assortment of authors and fans and it has became a hub for some of the greatest people you could ever be associated with... including Mr. Moody himself.
    I must say that I am very proud to be a member, especially after the events which have taken place recently. David had gone on vacation over the weekend and an idea was presented in his absense that had a hint of mischief...
    So a few of us decided to... re-imagine some of his book covers.

 (This was my contribution)

   David, having a fantastic sense of humor, had a big laugh and decided not to feed us the zombies.

If you would like to drop by the group and have a look around, simply click here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Promo Frenzy Contest - WIN A FREE COPY OF JUST IN SIGHT!

To celebrate the release of Just In Sight, I am giving away two copies through Smashwords.com. All you have to do to enter is to promote it in some way - post this link http://www.amazon.com/Just-In-Sight-ebook/dp/B0054E9Q9S/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1307228764&sr=1-2 on a facebook page, tweet, blog, website, discussion board etc. - Then swing drop me an email scarecrow1356@facebook.com and tell me what you did and where.

Contest ends at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday June 8, 2011

Winners will be chosen at random.

You can use images from this site as well as the description in your quest.


Just In Sight NOW ON SALE!

   A young woman is trapped inside her vehicle after an accident leaves her stranded on the side of the road during a harsh winter storm... but she is not alone. Outside, something is lurking and it wants inside...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review of Brian Keene's Take The Long Way Home

   Ever since I read GHOUL, Brian Keene has been one of my favorite authors. He has always had the ability to hook me within the very first paragraph. I then spend the rest of the day burning through the pages and normally finish the book the same day.
   The new edition of TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME  from Deadite Press is no exception. A group of friends on their way home from work quickly find themselves in the middle of a horrible accident on the interstate. Upon further inspection they find that there have been multiple accidents going both directions, as well as planes falling from the sky and a massive amount of people suddenly vanish into thin air with no trace. Could it be the work of aliens? Or could it be the rapture?
   Keene wastes no time delving into the good and the evil of humanity as the characters jouney deeper into the new world that lies before them and pulls it off with ease. There is also elements of Keene's pitch black humor which includes a small, but highly amusing, cameo by bizarro horror author Carlton Mellick III. 
  All in all TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME is classic Keene in all his glory and I highly recommend this and any of his work.