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Some Other Time - A Zombie Novella
It's easy to give up when you're watching the world of all that you've ever known die right in front of your eyes. Chris is no stranger to death. He's felt the cold fingers of the Reaper before. Now he faces it once again as the dead rise to claim the world as the new rulers. 

It's easy to give up... but Chris still has something worth fighting for. Something worth traversing a Kingdom of the Dead to reach. With the aid of two strangers and a mysterious young girl with a dog, Chris sets out to save the person who means the most to him - his world.

Giving up is not an option.

It's time to fight.

Zombies Gone Wild

Zombies Gone Wild! An Anthology

Death is not the end…

“Zombies Gone Wild!” is a chilling collection of twenty-six stories from established authors as well as up-and-coming writers in the genre, with an opening poem from everyone’s favorite zombie. This anthology includes tales where the undead stand as a symbol of unification for a desperate world, where friends really are what you make them, and where new beginnings aren’t always a good thing.

The end is only the beginning…

Bizarre, humorous, and terrifying, “Zombies Gone Wild!” will satiate your hunger for zombie goodness.

Patrick D’Orazio, S.P. Durnin, Rebecca Besser, C. D. Carter, Nicholas Conley, Adam Millard, and many more!

“The title doesn't lie, folks. This is a helluva ride.”
C. Dulaney, author of the Roads Less Traveled trilogy

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Little Stories for the Smallest Room
Little Stories for the Smallest Room
'200 drabbles by 77 authors all in one place
for your reading pleasure, and all in a nice 
compact book that fits in the hand for 
when you visit the smallest room.


This is a full alphabetical by first name list of all 77 authors who contributed to the 200 stories found within these pages, take a few moments to scan the list and search out their work I am sure you will agree each one has provided us with a wealth of entertainment.

Adam Millard
Adnane Rehane
Allen Jacoby
Amanda Perry 
Anastasia Wraight
Andrew Freudenberg
Andrew Stockton
Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Benjamin Rogers
Ben Shires
Brent Abell
C. Topher Gadomski
Caid Rhymes
Cayleigh Hickey
Charlie Morgan
Chip Fehd
Chris Hugh
Christina Hugh
Dale Eldon
Dan Howarth
Darren Baker
Darren Barker
Darren Woon
David Lightfoot
David Moody
David Naughton-Shires
David Thomas
Diane Arrelle
Douglas Vance Castagna
Eliyanna Kaiser
Eric J. Guignard
Garrett Cook
Geoffery Crescent
Howard Mosley-Chalk
J.F. Wagner
J. Rodimus Fowler
Jacob Edwards
Jamie Freeman
Jay Faulkner
Jeremy Peterson
Jeremy L. Mahan
John H. Dromey
Josh Naughton-Shires
Joshua Skye
Katy-Rose Hötker
Kevin Walsh
Kim Krodel
Kristal Stittle
Lance Shoeman
Laura Ann Via
Lee Widener
M.D. Wilson
Mari Mitchell
Matt Darst
Matt Kurtz
Matt Nord
Maurice Vaughan
Michael Bondies
Michael C. Dick
Michael S Gardner
Monique Snyman
Nathan Barnes
Nathalie Boisard-Beudin
Nicky Peacock.
Paul S Huggins
Peter Bailey
R. S. Pyne
Rebecca Besser
Rebecca Snow
Richard Barnes
Rod Nojek
Rycke Foreman
Sandy Shelonchik
Sean Logan
Sean M. Thompson
Sharla Anderson
Shawn M. Riddle
Sheri White
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Steve K Cole
Suzanne Robb
Tonia Brown
Teresa J Gibson
Trevor Smith
Theresa Derwin
Victor M. Beas

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Carcass 2: Bloodstorm
Carcass: Bloodstorm

A storm is coming. A dark cloud hovers over the town of Oakdale as Ervin Dennison continues his search for his daughter. An ancient evil lurks within the forest... hunting the hunter. Soon Ervin will encounter something more dangerous than he could've ever expected.

The thrilling, long awaited, conclusion to the Carcass story. Prepare for battle! Hell is coming.

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Vampires, deranged killers, ancient creatures and more await within the pages of CAMPFIRES; a collection of tales from Best-Selling Author, Charlie Morgan.

Includes Sticks And Stones and other tales that see print for the first time ever. Sit down, relax and hold your machete tight. It's gonna be a Hell of a night!"Sticks and Stones is slick Gothic pulp that is fun and goes down smooth. It plays a little like an episode of "Tales From The Crypt". Charlie Morgan is someone you should keep your eye on. His prose is clear, vivid and he captures the drudgery of small town life quite nicely. The violence, while brief, is savage and fitting. I look forward to more of Charlie's stuff."- Chip Fehd review of STICKS AND STONES"If Eric Brown and Brian Keene had a baby with Richard Laymons face on it!"

It contains all of my Kindle stories and a few others.
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Jason has just inheirited a large piece of land deep within the mountains of Western North Carolina. With hopes of selling the property to a high end real estate developer, Jason ventures into the small town of Lakewood.

Jason is not alone.

Hidden within the fog shrouded woods are dozens of ancient creatures who are savage, fast and hungry.
A madman, who's dark agenda will make you question who is the real 'monster,' has also taken his place in the woods to play a sick, bloody game.

Sticks and Stones is an old fashioned tale of survival, blood and monsters with an ending that is sure to tear your heart from your chest.

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Soul Survivors Hometown Tales
Everyone you know is dead or dying. Your world is coming to an end. Could you do what's necessary to survive? Would you even want to survive? Would you be able to face horrors like the undead relentlessly pounding at your door, and murderous extra-terrestrials with the extinction of the human race as their one and only goal? How about deadly plagues that ravage entire populations or even your own human brethren turning to your flesh as a last ditch source of food? These are only a few of the many horrors that await you inside these pages.
Inspired by the works of David Moody, UK Author of "Hater" and "Autumn", you will now face the terrors of a dystopian world through the eyes of those who witnessed the end. These tales will leave you as alone and terrified as those who told them. You have been warned.

"Stories of the apocalypse that will haunt you long after the final word." --Craig DiLouie, author of The Infection

"Soul Survivors is a superb collection of horror by some of the best up and coming writers in the genre. You won't want to put it down." --Eric S Brown, author of Bigfoot War and War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies

"Be it plague, zombies, ghosts, demons, werewolf's, aliens or cannibals Soul Survivors offers up a collection of apocalyptic fiction guaranteed to chill you to your flesh stripped bones. With its horrific tales of the macabre and desperate, Soul Survivors delivers a multitude of twisted tails each more soul destroying than any balanced mind could imagine. Do not read this book if you want to hold onto even a sliver of hope." --Iain McKinnon, author of Domain of the Dead and Remains of the Dead

"SOUL SURVIVORS brings the apocalypse right to your doorstep. These are complex and frightening tales from some of horror's freshest voices!" -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of DEAD OF NIGHT and DUST & DECAY

"Soul Survivors is a rampaging anthology of all things post apocalyptic. Highly recommended!"
--Timothy W. Long, Author of Among the Living and Beyond the Barriers

The living dead, alien invasions, ancient prophecies, deadly germs... Sole Survivors is a collection of entertaining and original visions of the end of (almost) everything. - David Moody, author of the acclaimed Hater and Autumn series.

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Paperback Edition
Night Owls
Night Owls

A sadistic serial killer, who has recently claimed his latest victim, travels through the winding mountain roads and celebrates his efforts He soon finds a beautiful young woman broken down on the side of the road that is just his type. The blood flows as time ticks away for the predator and the prey.

Night Owls is one of Morgan's first and most graphic tales. It is finally presented here in its full bloody glory.

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Authored by KnightWatch Press, Janice Gable Bashman, Remy Porter, Eric S Brown, Stephen Dafoe, Kevin Walsh, R D Penning, Rose Le Mort, Steve Gierman, Stephanie Kincaid, Sean M Thompson, Rhonda E Kachur, Terry Alexander, Melissa Helwig, David Naughton-Shires, Michael C Dick, Shawn M Riddle, Tonia Brown, Ken Goldman, Charlie Morgan, Iain Paton "Rhonny Reaper's Roadkill Cafe" is a horror anthology with a twisted theme. Tales of horror, shock, terror...and roadkill! Each story will be a unique and grotesque ride through dark and disturbing images of twisted, mangled, and maybe even a few undead squirrels, raccoons, and the occasional deer.


Rhonny Reaper's Roadkill Cafe (Anthology) - Isolated Incident
Rhonda E. Kachur - Editor

Ervin Dennison returns to his small North Carolina farm to find his family under siege by a hellish creature. With the aid of an old friend, Ervin must fight tooth and nail to save all that he loves or die trying.

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A young woman is trapped inside her vehicle after an accident leaves her stranded on the side of the road during a harsh winter storm... but she is not alone. Outside, something is lurking and it wants inside...

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A Brand New Hell

There are many Hells. There is Hell of living, the Hell of dying and the Hell of whatever happens next. But when the dead rise to claim the Earth, there is no escape.

Set in the universe of "Birthday Wish (Soul Survivors: Hometown Tales volume 1)" and the forthcoming "Kingdom of the Dead," A Brand New Hell is a stand alone account of the first days of the apocalypse through the eyes of a minister and his wife.

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