Friday, March 21, 2014

A World of Nightmares

A special hello to all of my fans both in the United States and abroad! You guys are the best in the world!

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Fouke Sequel Cover

For some reason this didn't pop up on the original post.

Fouke Sequel Sample

With the overwhelming success of my short story A COLD NIGHT IN FOUKE, I've been working on the follow-up entitled HALLOWEEN IN FOUKE. Again it will be a young adult book and the fans of the first will get their wish of a longer tale. HALLOWEEN will be at least novelette length. So here's some goodies to tide you over.

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Lori Wolfe literally hit the ground running as she dove from her bedroom window. She could hear the sounds of the creature's fury as it tore through her house, destroying her home with savage ease. Stopping for the briefest of seconds to pull a shard of glass from her arm, Lori turned to look over her shoulder in time to see a hulking silhouette tear her back door from the hinges and charge forward. Lori raced into the damp autumn night, dodging trees and stumbling through thickets that caught and cut at her arms and legs. There was no time to carefully maneuver the dense woods, the creature was gaining. Never had she seen such a beast. It was covered in thick, dark hair like a bear but had the body of a gigantic, disfigured man. It had a stink similar to a dead skunk rotting under the summer sun. Lori cried while she ran. She was no match for the rage-fueled speed of the beast and could already feel it's hot, rancid breath on the back of her neck.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Voices of the Dead

If you've been following me for a while (stop hiding in the bushes outside. I have a vicious, bloodthirsty guard dog that will tear you limb from limb. She may be a chihuahua but she's sadistic and has farts that could melt leather) you know that I'm a regular guest on Jackie Chin's show ZombiePalooza: Dead Again Radio. It's a place for authors, actors, directors and really anyone who creates horror. It's always a good time whenever it's on air. Anyway, the show now has a new home and I'd like to invite all of you fine fiends to swing by and have a look. Also they're always looking for new guests, so if you have something that you've been working on or a new release, I'm sure she'd be pleased to have you on. Be sure to tune in and enjoy the show or I'll sic the psychotic ankle biter on you!

Click HERE to find out more.