Sunday, February 24, 2013


Watch "Sticks and Stones 2 Book Trailer" on YouTube

Broadcast of the Apocalypse

So Friday was my first ever radio interview. The show was ZOMBIEPALOOZA: DEAD AGAIN and I couldn't be more pleased with how everything went.

Everything was very professional. The host, Jackie Chin, had some great questions and some interesting information to pass along. Anyone looking for a really good show to go on, I highly recommend this one. I have been invited back for a vampire show, a general horror show and a return to zombies to do a show with, the one and only, David Moody! So there's some awesome stuff coming up. Thank all of you who were able to tune in and for the great feedback I've received. If you missed it, its okay because the show will be uploaded to the Z Talk Radio site. I will post that link when I can.

I also uploaded the Sticks and Stones 2 book trailer on YouTube today! It has an exclusive excerpt. That will be posted in just a sec.

Oh! And eBook Nightmare broke 100 posts!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hell is just warming up


The original Sticks is still very dear to me. It helped me through a marriage that was on its last legs and long periods of depression were spent pounding away at the keyboard to churn out what I thought was going to be just another story. In ways, I was.right. In very wrong!
Sticks and Stones went on to be a beast. Ravenous and vicious as it moved up the horror top 100. In the end, it reached a peak of #19 in the US and won an award for best novella. I was floored!
There has always been plans to continue the story. I could have left it as it was, with the hulking beasts staring down RJ Laymon's logging crew, and never looked back. But it wouldn't leave me. No matter what story I worked on, the creatures of the Lowe Road were always there glaring at me with fire in their eyes and begging for another round. Well... their time is coming. Welcome back to the Lowe Road, ladies and gentlemen. And prepare yourselves.

Monday, February 18, 2013

ZombiePalooza - Dead Again radio interview!

Hi, guys. Big announcement that I'm pretty excited about.
On friday, February 22, I will be a guest on the ZombiePalooza - Dead Again radio show from 9 - 10 pm. I will be discussing zombies, books, my time as a volunteer fireman and even talking about the issues of PTSD and how I dealt with things after my accident. Its gonna be a fantastic show with several other guests and I hope you fine fiends will tune in!
Click HERE for their website

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello there, my favorite fiends!

I know its been a while and EBN has been quiet. After Some Other Time, I decided to take a little time off to work on some other things that I needed to do. I'm still working on a few but I'm also back to writing. I have a few things coming along in the near future.

THE WHISPERING KINGDOM - is a very TRUE tale of horror that I have started. It will tell of a mysterious location not far from my home. There have been brief hints of it in some of my stories already but this will be the first, full account documenting the strange history of a place tucked away deep within the mountains of North Carolina, simply known as "The Kingdom."

CATHEDRAL - an upcoming short story with a Lovecraftian influence. The subject matter of this one makes MY skin crawl! I can't wait to see what it does to you guys }:-)~

CARCASS: NECROPOLIS - maaaayyyyybe

CUT AND RUN: STICKS AND STONES PART II - a young woman is kidnapped by a deranged psychopath and taken into the woods. Already in a fight for her life, the night's events take a vicious turn as massive, hairy creatures descend upon the two. If they are to survive the night, the psycho and the victim must join forces in this carnage-filled sequel to the best-seller, STICKS AND STONES!

I will update further as soon as I can. I want to thank all of you for your continued support for all of these twisted little tales. You guys keep it fun and make it worth doing.

That's all for now. Happy Valentine's Day! Be sure to eat.someone you love.
Blessed be.