Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Day... New Books and Fires.

    So here is the rundown of today... My zombie apocalypse short "Birthday Wish" was accepted for the upcoming Soul Survivors anthology from Knightwatch Press.

Here's the lineup for Soul Survivors, Volume 1
Pretend Girlfriend- Jonathan Wood

A Warm Spring Day – Sean Thompson

Birthday Wish- Charlie Morgan

City of the Dead- Sean T. Page

Love Thy Neighbor- Patrick D'Orazio

Mass Destruction- Rebecca Besser

Not Alone- Jeremy Mahan

The Ward- Daniel McMurtry

The Piano Man- Kaye Sarah Inglis

Tired of Being Bored- J. Rodimus Fowler

White Rabbits and Clowns - Shells Walter

 There was a fire this morning at my mother in law's house (everyone is fine and the only injuries were to me from a highly pissed off black cat named Spooky) big thanks to my guys at Green River Fire and Rescue, Blue Ridge and Saluda for their help!

    And finally Night Owls should be available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle sometime today or tomarrow.

Charlie Morgan

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