Friday, March 23, 2012

A very interesting recording.

This was recorded the other night. It was less than a mile from my house. At times, we could hear what sounded like trees being struck with something.

This video was recorded a while back. The location is about two miles away from where the screams were recorded.

This is nothing new for the area. You can see reports HERE, HERE, HERE and a local newspaper article HERE.

New posts will follow when I have a bit more to add. Meanwhile, here's some more from the area:

1940'S - PRESENT: Unusual sounds heard in the southern portion of Henderson county near the state line on Heatherly Heights road. Almost a yearly occurrance. Usually it can be heard mainly at night or early morning. The sound is best described as a loud "scream" that can be clearly heard throughout the valley below. Most recently sounds were heard outside a home on ***** road, only a couple of miles away from where the sounds were reported of a large type animal roaming through the front yard at night. This is still to be looked into and confirmed. However in the surrounding woods large footprints that measured 16 inches were found, as well as a small tree that was bent down and broken. The break was measured at around six feet from the ground. There was nothing in the immediate area that would have fallen and caused the break.
There have been numerous other reports that included a woman coming home from work, who claimed she saw a large black thing "leap" across the road.
Last year, a large branch was found snapped. It was roughly 1.5 - 2 inches thick, a fresh break and nothing in the area that could've fallen on it to cause the damage. The break was roughly 8 feet high.

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