Saturday, April 28, 2012

Audio Books?


I'm toying around with to see what developes. If all goes well, Sticks And Stones will be the first. It's already listed and looking for producers and a voice. This is a test run and if it pans out, there may be a few more down the line. We'll just have to see.

On the note of Sticks... it just picked up it's 6th 5 star review. Swing by and give it a read if you'd like. Hey, it made me smile.

A quick word on ze paperback. I've been talking to David Naughton-Shires (a fine Irish fellow) over at Knightwatch Press and I'll be sending in stuff soon. I've got 15 or so tales lined up. Most of them are new stuff with my Kindle and anthology titles mixed in. I'll post a list of the final lineup when I can.

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