Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Cold Night In Fouke - OUT NOW!

A while back, I decided to try an experiment. The idea was to write a few, cryptozoology-themed, young adult, horror stories. Depending on how they're received, more would follow and be collected into a paperback edition. I'm happy to announce that the first story is now available on Amazon and is my take on the legendary Boggy Creek creature.

Emmett is a young boy who craves adventure and excitement. He dreams of going hunting with his father through the wild swamps of southern Arkansas. The dreams soon become nightmares as something comes hunting for him.

For years, legends of giant creatures have haunted the area around Boggy Creek. Most dismiss the tales as bogeyman myths. For Emmett, the legend is all too real.

"Charlie Morgan delivers the goods with this one. Both fun and terrifying, it's a masterpiece of its genre."
-Eric S Brown, author of the Bigfoot War series.

More to come soon!

Click HERE to get your copy now.

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