Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hospital Blues

Howdy, folks.

It's been a little while since I've posted anything. Sorry about that. Things have been about 67 different flavors of chaotic insanity. Everything began back in October when my dad was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. We ended up taking him to the hospital this past Friday because he was incredibly weak and in lots of pain. The doctor told me that if we hadn't got him to the ER, he wouldn't have made it to February.

Long story short - the tumor in his brain had grown and developed some swelling that was causing quite a few problems. He was transferred to Mission Hospital in Asheville (they have been amazing. If you ever get sick, come here). The surgery went smoothly and it looks like they got everything from his brain. After one night in ICU, he's back in a regular room and doing fine. He'll be here for a few more days, but any and all improvement is welcome.

I just want to take a second to thank a few people for all they've done since this began.

Heather Kiger
David Edney
Renee Torres
Wilma Gilbert
James Jobling
Tracy Moore
The staff of Mission Hospital
All of you who have sent well wishes on Facebook and anyone else that I might've forgotten. It means a lot and we love you all.

Thank you.
- Charlie

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