Friday, January 13, 2017

Finding Charlie

I recently made my television debut. Having said that, I feel like this next bit needs to be said to clear things up, because I know a couple of people might be thinking somewhere waaaay out in left field. No, I was NOT on an episode of COPS.

For everyone else, the show that I blessed with my ugly mug probably won't be a huge shock. Afterall, if you've read my books, you're aware of this particular obsession.

My happy ass was featured in Animal Planet's Finding BIgfoot!

Here's a couple of screenshots from the episode that I was on. It was filmed in Asheville, North Carolina in February of 2016.

The episode is called "The Family That Squatches Together"

I got to meet and speak with the cast (including Monkey who was hanging out with me, discussing life's major issues like fleas and losing your ball - take that last one however you like). Everyone was very nice and sociable. 

Upon arriving at the location that served as the Town Hall, I was chatting with as many people as I could and was able to meet some great folks, hear some really cool stories, see a few pictures and even take a gander at some plaster casts.

It was an incredible night and I was glad to have been fortunate enough to have the experience and make some new contacts. 

The BFRO will occasionally open expeditions to the public. That's my next goal. I've been on many trips into the woods in search of these creatures, but it would be nice to go with the BFRO just to learn some new tricks and hit some new locations. Who knows...perhaps we'll see each other on one of the future outings.

- From - > Finding Bigfoot: The Family That Squatches Together Premieres tonight, January 8 @ 8:01 PM CST on Animal Planet

Also airs:

Sunday, January 8 @ 11:07 PM
Monday, January 9 @ 3:00 AM

With the help of family and friends, the team is investigating sightings along the Appalachian Trail. With a possible squatch in their midst, the group descends on a location along the trail, hoping for a squatchy night in the wilds of the Appalachia.

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