Monday, October 3, 2011

Sticks and Stones FREE SAMPLE!

Just to whet you appetite, here's a little preview! }:-)~

Thirty seven minutes had passed before Matt heard light footfalls coming from behind him. He craned his head over his right shoulder, careful not to startle the animal. He caught a brief glimpse of something light brown traipsing toward his position.

He took a quick inspection of his crossbow, making sure it was cocked, safety off and the bolt was in place. The light sounds of cautious movement drew closer. Soon, Matt could hear it just under his feet. He looked down just as the large buck stepped out into full view.

Matt's heart raced. It wasn't the monster buck but it was an impressive trophy. He took a long, deep breath, raised the weapon and trained its sights on the kill zone.

Just a few more steps. C'mon. Just a little closer...

To the left of the trail, a flash of movement caught in Matt's vision just in time to see a thick stick swing out in a wide arc. The stick caught the buck square in both front legs. The bones snapped with an audible crack. The deer collapsed to the cold ground. It thrashed and howled in agony as it tried to flee in vain.

From the tree stand, Matt sat in stunned silence as a massive figure rose from the other side of a thick oak. It was dark, covered from head to toe with thick, matted, reddish brown fur. The thing was slumped over as it rushed toward the broken deer. In a matter of seconds it took the buck's head in its thick hands and snapped its neck in one fluid motion. Then, the creature stood to its full height and examined the kill. Matt's jaw fell slack. The thing was impossibly huge, standing well over seven and a half feet tall.

It retrieved the stick from the ground and slapped it against the trunk of the oak several times. It bellowed out a series of deep, guttural grunts and in moments the forest was flooded with movement.

Six other creatures had stepped from the thickets. Some were female with young ones riding on the mother's backs. Others were varied in size with mild deformities but all looked as if they were built of solid muscle.

Matt felt a growing pressure build in his bladder. What he was seeing was not possible. A nightmare of which he could not wake. He watched as the beasts ripped into the carcass, eviscerated it and ate.

The crossbow shook in his hands. If he was spotted there was no way he could kill them all. If they could climb he was as good as dead. Matt tried to hold his breath and keep silent. He was close to hyperventilating and felt like a small child on a playground surrounded by some of the biggest bullies the world had ever seen. He whispered a silent prayer in hopes that some form of higher power existed and felt the need to be merciful.

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