Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lots of New Stuff

Got some new stuff that has just been released and some more on the way. Been a busy month!
First up is news on Some Other Time - it is in the hands of the editor and I am hearing some really great feedback. As soon as my edits are done it will be hitting paperback and Kindle. It will also have two bonus short stories (Birthday Wish and In The Walls).

I will have a poem called Threnody in the upcoming Rhonny Reaper release - Poetry From The Grave. It will be the first poem I've had published  in about twelve years. I'm pretty excited about this one! It contains the first published work from by beautiful lady, Christine Masters. I'm very proud of her!

I have also started work on a ghost story that I've wanted to do for a while. There has always been this creepy little guy that I've drawn whenever I get bored. I've always wanted to build a story around him and now I think I have what I've been looking for. I'll have details on that as soon as I can.

Below are two new anthology releases that I'm very excited and very proud of. Lots of good authors within these pages. I hope you'll check 'em out and enjoy them. Lots of big names mixed with some new voices (including the first published work by my editor, Sandy).

Zombies Gone Wild

Zombies Gone Wild! An Anthology

Death is not the end…

“Zombies Gone Wild!” is a chilling collection of twenty-six stories from established authors as well as up-and-coming writers in the genre, with an opening poem from everyone’s favorite zombie. This anthology includes tales where the undead stand as a symbol of unification for a desperate world, where friends really are what you make them, and where new beginnings aren’t always a good thing.

The end is only the beginning…

Bizarre, humorous, and terrifying, “Zombies Gone Wild!” will satiate your hunger for zombie goodness.

Patrick D’Orazio, S.P. Durnin, Rebecca Besser, C. D. Carter, Nicholas Conley, Adam Millard, and many more!

“The title doesn't lie, folks. This is a helluva ride.”
C. Dulaney, author of the Roads Less Traveled trilogy

Click HERE to get it now!

Little Stories for the Smallest Room
Little Stories for the Smallest Room
'200 drabbles by 77 authors all in one place
for your reading pleasure, and all in a nice 
compact book that fits in the hand for 
when you visit the smallest room.


This is a full alphabetical by first name list of all 77 authors who contributed to the 200 stories found within these pages, take a few moments to scan the list and search out their work I am sure you will agree each one has provided us with a wealth of entertainment.

Adam Millard
Adnane Rehane
Allen Jacoby
Amanda Perry 
Anastasia Wraight
Andrew Freudenberg
Andrew Stockton
Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Benjamin Rogers
Ben Shires
Brent Abell
C. Topher Gadomski
Caid Rhymes
Cayleigh Hickey
Charlie Morgan
Chip Fehd
Chris Hugh
Christina Hugh
Dale Eldon
Dan Howarth
Darren Baker
Darren Barker
Darren Woon
David Lightfoot
David Moody
David Naughton-Shires
David Thomas
Diane Arrelle
Douglas Vance Castagna
Eliyanna Kaiser
Eric J. Guignard
Garrett Cook
Geoffery Crescent
Howard Mosley-Chalk
J.F. Wagner
J. Rodimus Fowler
Jacob Edwards
Jamie Freeman
Jay Faulkner
Jeremy Peterson
Jeremy L. Mahan
John H. Dromey
Josh Naughton-Shires
Joshua Skye
Katy-Rose Hötker
Kevin Walsh
Kim Krodel
Kristal Stittle
Lance Shoeman
Laura Ann Via
Lee Widener
M.D. Wilson
Mari Mitchell
Matt Darst
Matt Kurtz
Matt Nord
Maurice Vaughan
Michael Bondies
Michael C. Dick
Michael S Gardner
Monique Snyman
Nathan Barnes
Nathalie Boisard-Beudin
Nicky Peacock.
Paul S Huggins
Peter Bailey
R. S. Pyne
Rebecca Besser
Rebecca Snow
Richard Barnes
Rod Nojek
Rycke Foreman
Sandy Shelonchik
Sean Logan
Sean M. Thompson
Sharla Anderson
Shawn M. Riddle
Sheri White
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Steve K Cole
Suzanne Robb
Tonia Brown
Teresa J Gibson
Trevor Smith
Theresa Derwin
Victor M. Beas

Click HERE to get it now!

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