Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Death is Coming!

My friend, Darren Barker, has a new novel that has just been unleashed unto the world! Check it out. It includes cover art by me.

Briggs looked like your normal everyday person, but he had dark hidden talents and the lust to use them. His cravings were for death and the hunt to a kill. His knowledge of his surroundings and what mistakes to avoid stands him ahead of anyone trying to discover his whereabouts. Using his time wisely the deaths roll in quickly. His serial killer status will show that it’s in batches as time allows. When he kills once he kills again it will be fast and furious. An individual who is smarter than the average man, and a talented expert in the ways of murder.

Grab your copy by clicking HERE!


  1. A huge Thank you to Charlie for the cover to my book, a great job from a genuine friend,