Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zombie Syndrome

Its been a while since my last release of original material. Some Other Time is a year old this October and since then, there has been a kindle release of my short story BIRTHDAY WISH to go along with the movie that's in the works. That's pretty much been it. Its not from lack of material. As I type this now, I have two novellas and a short story in various stages of completion. They will all be along soon.

So why the delays?

The universe, it seems, has spent a lot of its free time in attempt to kill me. What I mean by that is that my health has been beating my ass like an out of tune drum. My back, as always, is to blame for a large portion of things but now that I have came under the care of a great doctor, that hasn't been as rough.

Like an old car, one thing is fixed while another breaks.

A couple of days ago, I awoke in the early morning hours and was scared to death. I couldn't breathe. That passed. The next morning, it happened again. I couldn't breathe, I was shaking and had no earthly idea just where the hell I was. After sitting in a freezing emergency room for several hours, the news came. Asthma. Today has been much better and I've only used my inhaler once.

For now (crosses fingers, toes and ass cheeks) everything SEEMS to be under control and with any luck some of these will start flowing out soon along with the rest of the Bigfoot Week posts that got caught in the middle of the chaos.

For Amanda, Laura Tbone and all the others who helped me with advice and keeping me calm last night, thank you very much. It is highly appreciated.

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