Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Path To Inspiration

With my new novella, STICKS AND STONES Part II, in the editing stage, I've taken a few days off to relax and let my mind rest up. This has resulted in me turning to YouTube to look up... damn near anything (the next time you're on there, be sure to check out CoverKillerNation and AlphaOmegaSin's channels. They're my typical haunts).

While prowling around, I came across a video that was of a playable demo for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard (via AlphaOmegaSin. I normally hate commentary on such videos, but his is hilariously entertaining and worth watching just to witness his assault of a mannequin). The game looks incredibly realistic and creepy as all hell! I'd definitely say to check it out, if you're a gamer.

After this, I found a video for a demo of the ill-fated Silent Hills. I never had the chance to try it out and wanted to see what the world was denied. Here's my review of that... THAT WAS INCREDIBLY FUCKIN' CREEPY! WHOEVER THE DIMWITTED SHIT PICKLE WAS THAT SCREWED THE POOCH ON THAT DEAL NEEDS TO SPEND AN HOUR IN A LOCKED ROOM WITH PYRAMID HEAD!

*ahem* If you haven't gave it a peek, you should. Just be sure to have clean underwear handy.

This foray into YouTube proved to be rather inspiring. The wheels began to turn and the muse woke up to slap an idea on me. Feeling charged with curiosity, I turned to Google and began hunting down all things creepy. By the end of the night, I had enough notes to convince me to go forward.

What all of this amounted to was the basis for a psychological horror short story, tentatively titled Room 8. I'm not sure if it'll be submitted to an anthology or become a Kindle exclusive, but you will be seeing it in the near future. Details will be announced here and on my Facebook page.

So, on that note, "Nerds, Nerdettes and Readers, read the fuck on!

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