Sunday, June 19, 2016

When The Rain Comes For Me

Its been a while since I've posted a poem. This is the most recent that I've written. I recently found it among my files and believe it was written in October of 2015.

©2015 - Charlie Morgan

A raven whispers through cloudy skies.
Loved ones gather with forgotten ghosts.
They gaze upon my weary eyes.

Take me down where the willows weep.
Where the swans can sing for me.
Lay me down and bury me deep.
When the rain comes for me.

A shadow lingers beyond the pain.
Thunder shatters a tempered heart.
Soon the tears will fall like rain.

Take me down where the roses sleep.
Where memories are all that be.
Don't forget when the rain comes for me.

A  spectre whispers "the time has come."
Please don't let me fade away.
Greet the mourning and succumb.

Take me down where the widow weeps.
Where the songs can play for two.
I'll be waiting
When the rain comes for you.

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