Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Ol' Days part 2... I think.

It seems from some of these posts that I'm becoming an old fart before my time. I can remember going into bookstores (especially used paperback stores) and snooping through the horror section. I love the old mass market horror covers. They just had something special about them. If you think back to Robert R. McCammon's Swan Song, They Thirst, Stinger etc. You know what I mean. They were eye catching and exciting. (Deadite Press is doing an awesome job with their stuff. Plus it helps that the books kick ass too.)

When I publish something I usually do my own covers and I try to do my best to have a similar effect. But it just didn't feel the same. As many of you know, I love the 70's and 80's and many of the covers I speak of came from this era.

When I get bored, I work on designing random crap. Tonight, I came up with an idea for retro covers that are a throwback to the things of this rant. I'm happy to say that there is a story to go along with this. It will be a part of my cleverly titled "eBook Nightmare Vintage Collection." I'm not sure when it'll be ready for publication but I'll do my best to make it quick.

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