Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's that time of year again... my one and only superstition.

May 22nd. Today would be my grandmother's birthday.

I've never been a superstitious person. I've had plenty of black cats, broken a shitload of mirrors etc. My bad luck was no worse than usual and Friday the 13th has always been a really great day for me (Jason marathon all the way). So I've never felt the need to be superstitious... that is... until a few years ago.

May 23, 2003

I had just gotten out of school and had enough time to get home and get ready for work. The job wasn't that great but the people were (for the most part) friendly and I actually enjoyed going on most days.

Around 4:30 or so, I was traveling down Tracey Grove road. I could see a car sitting on one of the side roads and didn't think that much of it. Then the car shot forward and picked up speed as it came my direction. I slowed down and tried my best to dodge it but it was too late. I had just been in a head on collision with a drunk driver. When witnesses to the accident came to help, they eased me out of the car and pulled me away. It took me a moment to notice that they had taken me to a grassy spot on the side of the road that belonged to Forest Lawn Cemetery.

It wasn't as bad as it could've been. I was healed up and back to work rather quickly.

May 23, 2005

I was on my way to the grocery store with my grandmother. We were traveling north along highway 225 and had just passed Lake Summit. There was a car cresting the hill at high speed about 100 yards ahead of us and heading our direction (I later found out that he was doing 110 mph when he lost control. When he hit us, he was doing around 75 mph). The car hit a dip on the side of the road, lost control and crashed into us. When I awoke, I had no memory of anything that had happened. I was covered in blood, I thought I'd lost my left eye, I had no idea where I was, if anyone knew and wasn't sure help was even coming. I was trapped in an upside down truck, in a creek, with my grandmother beside me...lifeless.

Help did come and I was flown to mission hospital where I was told that I had broken every vertebrae in my back, along with my nose and left eye socket. I was also told that I was the only survivor of the crash.

Since then, I've stayed home on May 23rd. It has become my one and only superstition.

To anyone who's reading this, please, drive safe and be careful.

Happy Birthday, Anna Lee Morgan - May 22, 1937 - May 23, 2005

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