Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Long Road to Carcass 2

It's been over a year since my vampire story Carcass was published. Since then there have been plans for a sequel and none of them seemed to take off. There have been several attempts at bringing Ervin Dennison back to the page and continue his search for his daughter. But they just didn't feel right. The characters were there and some scares but the feel was wrong. It just didn't seem to fit as a companion to the original.

I didn't want to rattle off just another story to finish things off. I wanted this one to be done right and surpass the original. My idea with the first outing was to make vampires scary again and give people nightmares. I wanted part two to do all of that and much more.

Finally, after all of this time, it's coming very soon. The characters, the monsters, the scares and all things that make the old school vampires wicked as hell. No sparkles!

Loosely based on the Aswang creature of the Philippines, Carcass: Bloodstorm picks up two days after the siege of Ervin Dennison's farm. As he continues to search for his missing child, he discovers the origin of the beasts and something much more dangerous than he ever expected.

An illustration of the Aswang

The book trailer

I'll have a free sample up soon. Until then, if you haven't read the original yet, you can get it HERE. For the time being, it's FREE. But hurry, July 4, 2012 is the last day!

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