Friday, July 27, 2012

My First Paperback Collection Is Now Available!

Vampires, deranged killers, ancient creatures and more await within the pages of CAMPFIRES; a collection of tales from Best-Selling Author, Charlie Morgan.

Includes Sticks And Stones and other tales that see print for the first time ever. Sit down, relax and hold your machete tight. It's gonna be a Hell of a night!"Sticks and Stones is slick Gothic pulp that is fun and goes down smooth. It plays a little like an episode of "Tales From The Crypt". Charlie Morgan is someone you should keep your eye on. His prose is clear, vivid and he captures the drudgery of small town life quite nicely. The violence, while brief, is savage and fitting. I look forward to more of Charlie's stuff."- Chip Fehd review of STICKS AND STONES"If Eric Brown and Brian Keene had a baby with Richard Laymons face on it!"

It contains all of my Kindle stories and a few others.
You can get it now by clicking HERE

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