Tuesday, July 24, 2012

World Premiere Movie: The Un-Godly!


I was digging through some old DVDs today and came across something I haven't seen since we made it. It remained unedited and raw for all this time. Myself and a few friends got together and decided to make a movie. We even went as far as bringing in a professional actress named Michelle Lamelza (PS Michelle, I'm sorry this flopped! You are a fantastic actress and I'm sorry we made you come all the way up here for this.)

Anyway, the idea was to send the completed "film" to a festival. That didn't happen. The sound was terrible. The lighting was terrible. The acting (with some exceptions) was terrible... But just for fun, here's the completed film; viewed for the first time ever by a willing audience. It's Insane, It's Bloody, It's Un-Godly. It sucks! Haha!

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