Tuesday, February 25, 2014

P R O W L - Sample

Here's a small excerpt from a current work in progress. Earlier I mentioned that I was tinkering with a werewolf tale and here is a peek at what is to come.


"What happened?" Dave asked.

"I don't know. I just woke up and can't remember a thing. I don't even know where we are. It's too fucking dark to see anything."

"Have you got your lighter?" Dave asked, knowing that Chuck never went anywhere without a lighter. The man had been a chain-smoker for almost a decade. Perhaps his habit would come in handy tonight. For the first time in history, being a smoker could save not one but two lives. If we get out of this, it'll sure as shit be one for the record books.

"Yeah, hang on."

There was a series of muffled grunts coming from the dark. After a few seconds there were brief sparks like watching a cheap fireworks show from several miles away. Flame spat forth after the third flick and the dark was pushed away, revealing a battered and bloody man lying prone on the ground. It was hard for Dave to make out too much detail from his blurred vision, but he knew that Chuck was in equally bad shape.

Chuck's mouth hung agape as he surveyed the damage through the miniscule light. Seeing Dave's face caused him to look away the second he realized what had happened. Dave was always the strongest of the duo. Now he was trapped and helpless in an overturned vehicle with a large portion of his face torn away. What was seen could never be unseen. Chuck extinguished the flame with unconscious shock when he noticed that Dave's left eye had been popped and ripped from the socket and was now dangling like a tiny, deflated balloon. That split second of horror was enough to churn Chuck's stomach and cause bile to burn his throat.

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